Sunday, November 22, 2009

A (re)Vamping of Sorts...

When Edward Cullen was still wearing diapers, the original "vampire clan"(has there really ever been another?) roamed the west coast seaside. Prompted by yet another viewing of The Lost Boys the other evening, I was left pondering what has become of some of the lesser-known fellows from the film - or rather, what on earth do they look like now? Father Time has a curious way of smiling upon some, and frowning upon others (as the photos below indicate, hehe).

David, Keifer Sutherland

Marko, Alex Winter

Dwayne, Billy Wirth

Paul, Brooke McCarter

Michael, Jason Patric

Sam, Corey Haim

Edgar Frog, Corey Feldman

Star, Jamie Gertz

Alan Frog, Jamison Newlander

Laddie, Chance Michael Crawford

Lucy, Diane Wiest

Max, Ed Herrmann

and lastly, bless...Grandpa, and his little taxidermied critter army,

Grandpa, Barnard Hughes, RIP

Isn't it funny how certain films, leave such a lasting impression on us. And I find this one most difficult to pass up every time it is on tele! Though it resides in my dvd collection, I just can't bring myself to not watch it when I find that it is on. I have that issue with several films, but this vampy, by all means legendary film, tops my list.

And whilst being nostalgic (it was the mid 80's after all), I stumbled across some other tidbits of interest from the film; The filming location for Grandad's house, was the once grand Pogonip Lodge in Santa Cruz.

Once home to one of the nations most scenic golf courses, and later a polo club, the Pogonip now sits in rehab purgatory =/ Apparently the city folks cannot decide to fix her up, or flatten her out.

The bridge, it seemed so much more ominous when clouded with fog (and higher as well!) But, that's why the special effects folks get paid the big bucks, hehe.

Bridge over the San Lorenzo River, Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz Boardwalk, most of which is still there; though sadly, some of it was destroyed by the earthquake in 1989, including the outdoor stage. Speaking of the outdoor stage, certainly not to be overlooked, nor forgotten - the hot waxy mess that was the saxophone player, Tim "I Still Believe" Cappello. (Whom, by the way, I cannot find any pictures of since this film)

And I do think that about wraps it up!

Oh yes, I did almost forget, when did vampires become socially acceptable? Was it only when they became sparkly?


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Audrey, the Acorn Girl

acrylic on wood panel 5" x 7"

Sunday, November 8, 2009


A little something I have been working away on, The Un-Named; a series of portraits of the un-loved and un-named. Here are the first five of fifty children from the crooked red house.

These will all be available in my shoppe as they are completed, the first five now available =)


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pumpkin Kings, Past & Present

Happy November!

As the old crow flies, better late than never! I've been so busy that I've neglected to share my pumpkins with everyone. So, here they are - pumpkins of Hallowe'en past & present (though, he must make an unfortunate trip to the bin in the morning - he's sprouting mold =/) And, a few not so great snapshots of the neighbourhood haunts, some homes had over 2000 scavengers trick or treater's!

I will be participating in the Celebration Art Stroll on November 6th from 6-8pm, stop by and visit the local artisans as they craft their goods by the Lakeside =)