Monday, February 14, 2011

A Very Belated Hello!

I've neglected the olde blog for quite sometime, having crept right through the winter holidays and New Year! No better time than the present, to share a few newish bits and bobs - and a few things you could say I love!

"Candy Cottage" Dress & "Bow'n Places Heel" at the wonderful ModCloth

I'm smitten with this cameo print, especially the colour! Available in her Etsy shoppe:
HHOP by Kathryn DiLego

And a few things of my own which will keep me traveling with me (even though it's just a few blocks away!) to the upcoming Celebration Art & Wine Stroll on Saturday, February 26th.

"Pete & Pippa", 4" x 5" acrylic on canvas

"Nora", 7" x 9" acrylic on wood

"Madeline", 7" x 9" acrylic on wood

I'll try my best to frequent these virtual parts, lest I find myself tip-toeing through the weeds!

Happy Valentine's Day!