Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Group of Girls

Hello Again!

Just over a month, and two posts in one day! I have an excuse, my blog was in the weeds while my domain was being transferred. I'm not certain it is normally as frustrating as it was for me (I hope not!). I think I've missed a few paintings from this series, but they can all be found in their own little section in the shoppe.

Just nine more to go in this series!

Sunday Market

We just managed to get to the market before the rain came down. Luckily it's just around the corner, so we didn't get too soggy!
Many new vendors the last few weeks, including a booth with the most scrumptious home baked breads & pastries. I was sidetracked by the delicious aroma & failed to snap a few pics. So alas, it's a fruit & veggie post.

And just because - leafy & green, but not of the edible type; A permanent storefront fixture, the Dancing Bear Topiary.

Happy Sunday!