Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hello, hello!

I can't complain about the heat so much at the moment - I'm lucky enough to have all of my windows open & I can still breathe! Fresh evening air, at last =) And I snapped this from my tiny porch landing (so tiny, it holds but one rail basket!)

More paintings and goodness on the way - I've got a few different projects in the works , that combined with the local art group and upcoming Art Stroll has me busy as a bee.

See you soon!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


1994 - 2009

My precious friend and companion for not enough years, the perfect little poodle. You will be forever missed.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello, hello!

Here's hoping everyone is having a more autumn-y autumn than here in Florida! A brisk autumn-esque wind teased us but a few weeks ago, and left as soon is it went =/ If it weren't for the pumpkin patch around the corner, and all of my lovely scrumptious fall scents, I'd think it was mid-summer. Boooo. o.O

Here is the next Curiously Creeping Coast painting, a charming little nymph called Thora, who sadly enough - has gone missing.

Thora, 7" x 9" acrylic on wood panel

At the edge of the forest,
in a grotto by the sea -
Lived a little lass,
not much more than three;
On a gallant sea horse,
she used to like to ride,
In the early morning
and late evening tide;
When on a windy evening,
the waves were certainly high -
It was the last that anyone saw her,
as she waved to them goodbye.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

October Spookies

The autumn air brings an evening glow, and a very subtle but not un-seen (or un-felt) breeze. Gone are the humid summer days, making way for the best time of the year! I've only gotten some of my favourite Halloween fancies out this year, and thought I would share =)

I love, love, love vintage Halloween decorations - and I love to make them as well. This one is part Martha Stewart (the letters), and part something I put together out of old Victorian greetings. These are wonderful to drape from mantles and doorways!

A cast iron witches boot propped upon my favourite little shelf (make note, next to my favourite little 4-legged man!)

Another little something that I made last year. I love the spooky silhouettes, that I have paired with a baroque orange & black paper.

If only I was a lilliputian...

Normally I make my own greetings for the holidays, but I've found these pre-made cards that I am quite fond of =)

Until next time, Happy Autumn everyone!